At Aggressive Hydraulics we have a passion for creating precision hydraulic cylinders using high-quality components that ensure success. Our seasoned staff, with hundreds of years of combined experience, can pinpoint and attack problems faster, create innovative design solutions and give you the timely, one-stop-shop results you need.

  • cylinder-types

    Hydraulic Cylinder Types

    Welded Rod Cylinders Purpose Built Hydraulic Cylinders Aggressive Hydraulics is well established within the welded hydraulic cylinder industry on a global basis. We have been directly involved in designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders in virtually all … [Read More]

  • Replacement Cylinders

    Replacement Cylinders

    “Did You Know” Besides being a manufacturer of custom built hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of industries, Aggressive Hydraulics is also a leading provider of Commercial / Parker replacement cylinders. In Stock: Commercial/Parker Cylinders … [Read More]

  • components-parts2

    Hydraulic Cylinder Component Parts

    We take components personally As a supplier, we don’t just pass along parts that were created elsewhere. We have 100% faith in the purpose-built components we offer because we design and produce them to our … [Read More]

  • Standard Cylinders

    Standard Hydraulic Cylinders

    Setting the industry standard for hydraulic cylinders Our cylinders are pre-engineered using the most common mounting configurations as well as bore to rod combinations. Our standard cylinder program provides you with high quality and high … [Read More]

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