Our Team

Together, we work harder, smarter and better for you.

Our passion for precision and commitment to craftsmanship is backed by 100’s of years of combined hydraulic cylinder experience. In addition, since the majority of our team has been working together for more than 20 years, we provide you with a level of efficiency, effectiveness and excellence that’s not only hard to match, it’s exceptional to find.

Meet our team

Paul Johnson – President

Paul has an engineering background and began his career in hydraulic cylinders right out of college. A decade later, he transitioned into manufacturing and general management. Paul’s experience gave him the knowledge and skill necessary to create Aggressive Hydraulics following his twenty years designing, engineering and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders. Paul is also a Certified Fluid Power Specialist from the Fluid Power Society.

Shane Vos – Vice President of Engineering & Quality

Shane has nearly thirty years of experience in the designing and manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders. His education, application and engineering experience benefit him every day as he oversees the resources within the Engineering department. He is also the person responsible for our Quality System. Shane is a Certified Fluid Power Specialist from The Fluid Power Society.

Steve Thor – Sales Manager

Steve leads our inside sales staff and is responsible for all customer sales functions and initiatives at Aggressive Hydraulics. He has more than twenty years in the hydraulic cylinder industry and is a Certified Fluid Power Specialist from The Fluid Power Society.

Wes Maack – Treasurer & Controller

Wes has a strong background in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders with thirty years of experience. He has continued his higher education in finance, accounting and information technologies and applies his experience and education to ensure Aggressive Hydraulics remains financially sound and positioned for continuous growth.

Bob Olson – Plant Manager

Bob has been working in manufacturing since graduating college. He has been directly involved in the manufacturing of hydraulic cylinders for over twenty years. As Plant Manager, Bob directs some of the finest machinists, welders and hydraulic technicians in the industry. His background provides a valuable combination and balance of both manual and production equipment.

Mitch Redeker – Director of Engineering

Mitch has in excess of twenty-five years of mechanical and design engineering experience specific to “high end” mobile hydraulic cylinders. He works on designs to meet the demands of the application through the utilization of FEA solid modeling tools and by leveraging the talents of his seasoned staff of design engineers.

Gregg Grubbs – Repair Service Manager

Gregg has worked in hydraulic cylinder repairs for more than eighteen years, fifteen of those as a manager. His mechanical aptitude, hands-on experience and attention to detail are all directed toward providing solutions for our repair service customers.

Dave Johnson – Assistant Repair Service Manager

Dave has been involved in all phases of hydraulic cylinder repair and manufacturing over the past twenty-three years. Dave assists Gregg in coordinating materials, customer requirements and the allocation of internal resources, such as engineering and manufacturing, to help provide our customers with the most efficient and successful repair service.

Bryan Tolin – Production Control Manager

Bryan has twenty-two years in the hydraulic cylinder industry with a background in technical sales and design engineering. Bryan’s experience allows him to understand the product from a design and manufacturing perspective, and better informs him in buying, selling and customer service. In addition, Bryan is a Certified Fluid Power Specialist from the Fluid Power Society.

Tim Johnson – Welding Supervisor

Tim has been welding since he graduated from vocational welding school thirty years ago. The majority of his welding experience has been applied directly toward mobile style hydraulic cylinders. Tim is a working supervisor responsible for insuring the weld integrity for Aggressive Hydraulics’ team of welders. Whether it’s welding a production quantity job on a robotic welder, welding from a PLC controlled semi-automated machine for an intermediate size run, or welding by hand on a repair or small quantity job, Tim sees that it’s done right the first time.

Dave Wimette – Assembly Supervisor

Dave has been in the hydraulic service industry specializing in hydraulic cylinders for twenty-four years. His experience is very valuable when encountering unique and special projects in the assembly department. He uses his expertise when training new hydraulic technicians and to serve as a resource for his staff when insuring all products are assembled and tested as per specifications.

Bryan Haukos – CNC Turning & Process Operation Supervisor

Bryan’s entire working career of sixteen years has been applying his education and experience toward manufacturing hydraulic cylinders. He works with his personnel to coordinate the sequence of operations in the plant regarding to CNC lathes, hones and grinders.

Ray Jacques – Engine Lathe Supervisor

Ray is responsible for machining and scheduling for a variety of engine lathes which allows for the utilization of the best machine sized for the job at hand. Small quantity, large parts and quick turn-around jobs are routed through this department. With twenty years of experience in manufacturing hydraulic cylinders, Ray is an excellent trainer, coach and mentor for his crew.

Tristan Brownlee – CNC & Manual Milling Supervisor

Tristan has been in the machining trade for twenty years, since his graduation as a tool and die maker. As a working supervisor, Tristan uses his experience daily to engage his crew on process and productivity improvements to benefit our customers.