Advantage Program

Expand your hydraulics cylinder offerings easily and instantly.

Opening doors to new customers and new markets is easier than you think thanks to the Advantage Program from Aggressive Hydraulics.

With this unique program, you can leverage our capacity and purpose-built expertise to expand your hydraulic cylinder offerings, whether your customers need one or 1,000 complex hydraulic cylinders or cylinder components. We even offer prospecting and lead generation to help grow your business.

Our Advantage Program includes the seasoned design skills of 6 full-time engineers to support your business development efforts. As a member of our Advantage Program you get resources, expertise and the highest quality hydraulic cylinders and components at your fingertips.

Use our engineering and manufacturing expertise to increase your market opportunities, seamlessly and with the industry’s fastest turnaround. From tailor-made solutions to standard cylinder component parts, the Advantage Program gives you a competitive edge.

Registration is FREE. Sign up now for access to:

  • Rod & Telescopic Cylinder Search
  • Rod & Cylinder Quote Request
  • Standard Cylinder Drawing Program
  • Telescopic Cylinder & Custom Built Cylinder Worksheets
  • Cylinder Component Parts
  • Estimator Tool