Video Tour

Bill is our Advantage Program representative. Listen as he describes all the business building tools available to you at Aggressive Hydraulics with our comprehensive Advantage Program.

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Advantage Program Overview

Let Bill tell you about all the business building tools available to you at Aggressive Hydraulics.

Program Benefits

More options for you and your customers result in more sales and greater opportunities to tailor a solution unique to your customer.

Program Flexibility

By working together, we can pass along the expertise of our experienced engineering team for you to utilize in your business. We provide our Advantage Program Members with the best options available.

Standard Cylinder Program

The Standard Cylinder Program was developed to help specify cylinders for new applications. The catalog has pre-engineered cylinders with the most common mounts as well as bore rod combinations.

Cylinder Component Program

Components that perform poorly can damage your business reputation. Go with proven, tested parts to repair existing cylinders or for manufacturing your own new cylinders.

Custom Build Cylinder Program

Our custom-build program covers all of your customers’ possible needs — from simply replacing an outdated piece of equipment to adding specific feature upgrades, from one-piece to full-scale manufacturing runs.

Custom Build – Applications

If you need help with a custom “purpose built” application, we’ll work closely with you to optimize the cylinder’s design and maximize its functionality.

Custom Build – Telescopic

We offer exceptional workmanship from start to finish, including design, production, final assembly and painting. In addition to custom telescopic cylinders, we manufacture precision single-acting and double-acting telescopics true to the commercial platform.