Advantage Program Delivers Custom Prints

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to present your customers with a custom drawing of their hydraulic cylinder project? Did you know Aggressive Hydraulics offers a FREE cylinder drawing program for our Advantage members? Simply log into your Advantage Program account on and let us turn your rough sketch into a professional drawing.

Start by going to and log into your Advantage Program account. On the Advantage Program tab, click Advantage resources. Scroll down until you see ‘Standard Cylinder Drawing Program’.




First: With your rough idea in hand,  choose the type of
cylinder that best fits your design, along with the bore,
rod, and stroke.







Second: Fill in the correct stroke in the space provided .


Third: Click on the legend information button and complete information to personalize the drawing to your business.











Fourth: Click the print drawing button and share your finished print with your customer!








The free Cylinder Drawing program is just one of the many value added features Aggressive Hydraulics Advantage Program offers to your company to help increase productivity and ensure you get the sale. For more information on the drawing program check out or, contact one of our experts at 866.406.4100 for more details!