Aggressive Hydraulics Ground Breaking Ceremony East Bethel, Minnesota

Aggressive Hydraulics, a hydraulics manufacturer and rebuild company, conducted a ground breaking ceremony for their new facility in East Bethel, MN on October 8, 2012. The new facility will be located in a 60,000 SF building and in the area served by East Bethel’s new water and sewer project. Currently the company has 45 employees with this number expected to increase to 75 and will represent a $4.8 million capital investment. Aggressive Hydraulics was recently recognized as one of the top emerging businesses in the state by Minnesota Business Magazine.

Aggressive Hydraulics is a fast-growing company, targeting both global markets and those with roots in the area. This is precisely the type of project for which East Bethel is now suited. This project builds on the City’s recently completed economic development plan that is designed to stimulate job growth and increase investment in the City.

The City of East Bethel is pleased that Aggressive Hydraulics has selected this site for their relocation. Aggressive Hydraulics recognized the competitive advantages that East Bethel can offer a company, including 4-lane highway access, available sites, utility infrastructure, a pro-business community environment and a strategic location in the metropolitan Minneapolis-St. Paul market. The City provided planning for utilities connections and liaison services, streamlined the permit process and created a TIF District to provide a source of gap financing for the project.

The City and Aggressive Hydraulics have worked hand in hand during every phase of this project. Paul Johnson of Aggressive Hydraulics stated that “The City of East Bethel has worked with us each step of the way, and has made us feel welcome in the community.”

Source: City of East Bethel Website