Benefits of a USA Made Cylinder

If you’re an OEM, or a fluid power reseller, you need to provide a product that you can stake your reputation on, and your customers can rely on. You want to minimize downtime, cost, and maximize your profitability. There are many considerations when determining if you should buy hydraulic cylinders made in the USA.

Products made outside the USA are subject to different standards, both in material quality, and workmanship. Materials sourced overseas can be subject to lower standards, and tolerances. In many cases, the material can have varying amounts of impurities, which will affect the longevity of a hydraulic cylinder. Given the environment in which most hydraulic equipment operates, this can be costly to your business. Overseas labor can be unskilled at best. Overseas labor is also subject to a much lower standard of quality, as compared to products made in the USA, with American labor.


There’s also an economic impact. Buying hydraulic cylinders sourced and manufactured in the USA allows the use of local suppliers. This is money saved in shipping, sourcing, and time. USA sourced materials also keep our country financially stronger, America can be more independent, and our communities stay employed.

When sourcing your hydraulic Cylinder needs, it’s important to know exactly what you’re getting in a product and who you’re getting it from. A lot of vendors might be able to get you the cheapest quote by sourcing product from overseas, but do you really know what you are getting?

Aggressive Hydraulics:
Uses the highest quality components, and materials, sourced, and fabricated in the USA.
Staff has over 20 years experience, engineering, and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders.
Award winning team utilizes state of the art technology and advanced engineering expertise.
An unparalleled customer experience while offering the right solution for every job.
Fast turn-around time on your Purpose Built solution.

At Aggressive Hydraulics, we are committed to being your top resource for hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, and repair. If it’s a mobile (welded style) or milled duty hydraulic cylinder, we manufacture the best cylinders available, at a competitive price, entirely sourced with materials and components in the USA. Whether you’re an OEM requiring purpose built quality products you can rely on, an application specific reseller looking for solutions unique to your customers needs, or a service center wanting the highest quality replacement parts you can trust, Aggressive Hydraulics cares about your reputation, downtime, and cost of ownership.

To find out how you could put the Aggressive Hydraulics team to work for you and your customers, and give us a call at 866.406.4100.