Industry Spotlight: Railway

Railways are not just an essential part of American commerce, but American history. In 1827, the first railway was laid for steam engines in Baltimore, Maryland. The first track was only 13 miles long and … Read More


Industry Spotlight: Cranes

Cranes have been used since the time of the Ancient Greeks. In those days, cranes were powered by men or animals, using a mechanical advantage to do heavier than human lifting. Today, we see cranes … Read More

Industry Spotlight: Mining

While many industries use specialized equipment, there’s only one industry that uses it hundreds of feet underground, in an environment few have ever traveled to. In this underground world, having a fluid power equipment failure … Read More

Hydraulic Cylinders in the Mining Industry

Hydraulics in Mining

Many of our most valuable resources are buried deep in the earth. It takes a lot of power to extract these minerals and fuels so that we can use them for our day-to-day lives. Hydraulics … Read More

Hydraulics & a Fire Engine - Aggressive Hydraulics

Hydraulics at Work | Firefighting

Hydraulics have many important uses, but among the most important are those that keep us safe. We see hydraulics at work in public safety, especially in the dangerous work of fighting fires. Firefighters have to … Read More