Cylinder Repair or Replacement

With diligent monitoring and regularly scheduled maintenance, hydraulic cylinders will serve your business well for many years. However, situations will arise that challenge you to consider repair versus replacement.
Getting the equipment back up and operational is obviously the highest customer priority. But it’s important not to overlook what caused the downtime in the first place.
Work alongside the customer through these steps to determine the best repair or replacement solution:
1. Identify the root cause of the issue by fully inspecting the equipment for damage or additional faulty parts that may have caused or contributed to the cylinder issue.

2. Review the equipment workload, specifications and capacity to ensure the right cylinder is being used for the job. Also review equipment logs and repair history to determine if a repair is a cost effective solution.

3. Most importantly, validate that the cylinder can be repaired back to OEM specifications. If not possible, a cylinder replacement is in order.

Whether you decide to repair or replace a cylinder, Aggressive Hydraulics is here to help. We offer purpose built cylinders that can be designed and manufactured to exceed the needs of any job.  To learn more, send us an email or call us at 866.406.4100.