Dakota Fluid Power selected as an Authorized Solutions Provider for Aggressive Hydraulics, Inc.

BLAINE, Minnesota — Aggressive Hydraulics, Inc. is pleased to announce that Dakota Fluid Power has been selected as an “Authorized Solutions Provider” for the states of Nebraska, North Dakota and South Dakota as well as western portions of Minnesota and Iowa. Being selected as an “Authorized Solutions Provider”, referred to as an ASP, is the highest level a reseller can achieve within the family of Aggressive Hydraulics resellers throughout the United States.

Aggressive Hydraulics’ sole purpose of existence is to provide solutions for the mobile hydraulic cylinder industry nationally. Providing solutions is not about how many and how inexpensive or cheap a hydraulic cylinder can be sold, it is about providing a solution for a requirement that has unique nuances and may be more special in nature. Typically, the level of service required for providing solutions is high before, during and after the sales.

“In order to achieve the level of service required across the country by providing solutions, regional representation is necessary,” explained Paul Johnson, President, Aggressive Hydraulics, Inc. “Aggressive Hydraulics has chosen to address the regional representation through distribution by choosing a quality regional reseller, Dakota Fluid Power, who can professionally, competently, and adequately represent our products and services.”

New cylinder applications, redesigns of existing cylinders, and one-piece to full-scale production are all possibilities at Aggressive Hydraulics, Inc. whose manufacturing capability is focused exclusively on cylinders and their customers. Aggressive Hydraulics, Inc. provides hydraulic cylinders worldwide through its manufacturing facilities in the area. To request information, please visit us at www.aggressivehydraulics.com or contact sales@aggressivehydraulics.com.