Engineered to move your business: Advantage Program

When Aggressive Hydraulics says they manufacture hydraulic cylinders “Engineered to move your business”, it’s not just a line, they mean it. Did you know that if you need help with a new application, as an Aggressive Hydraulics Advantage Program member, their engineers will work closely with you to optimize a cylinder’s design, and maximize its functionality for your customer?

By fully understanding each intended application, Aggressive Hydraulics designs and engineers the industry’s most dependable and durable hydraulic cylinder products. Thanks to their failure analysis expertise, and 100s of years of experience, they dig deeper and ask the right questions, ensuring Purpose-Built, American Made solutions, that go beyond your typical custom-build to proactively address an application’s specific rigors, environmental challenges, and exacting requirements.

Aggressive Hydraulics design and engineering expertise is magnified by the depth and breadth of industries they serve. From aerial devices and oil drilling to demolition and defense, their hydraulic cylinder solutions are used in every industry powered by hydraulics. Working across an expansive range of industries reinforces their design innovation and product development process and allows Aggressive engineers to apply insights learned from one industry to better serve customers in others.

Every business needs to be profitable and grow, and the Aggressive Hydraulics Advantage Program will open up all kinds of new possibilities for your organization. With the availability of exclusive tools available, as an Advantage Program member, you now have the ability to confidently offer custom cylinder solutions that are not just off the shelf commodities, but are Purpose-Built, to your clients specific needs. An Aggressive Purpose-Built cylinder solution can generate higher profit margins for your business. Remember, you’ll do all this without adding new staff, machinery, inventory, or overhead. That’s the beauty of the Advantage Program. Aggressive Hydraulics does the work for you.

To experience precision that’s Purpose-Built, contact our experts at 866-406-4100, and learn how our Advantage Program can move your business.