ESA Fall Technical Conference Tour of Aggressive Hydraulics

The Equipment Service Association (ESA) held their annual Fall Technical Conference this year in Minneapolis. On Tuesday morning October 12th, personnel from Aggressive Hydraulics presented a seminar on “How to Spec a Custom Cylinder”. Later that afternoon, a bus load of attendees arrived at Aggressive Hydraulics to tour the three plants which make up the facility.

The tour included seeing the Sales & Engineering departments and the manufacturing and repair of both single stage and telescopic cylinders. Attendees were especially interested in the unique mix of equipment that Aggressive Hydraulics has for manufacturing small quantity “Custom Built” cylinders as well as production runs for OEMs.

Aggressive Hydraulics is proud to be a “Supporting Member” of the ESA and is appreciative that the attendees took time to tour its facilities during this year’s Fall Technical Conference. For more information on the ESA, please go to