Happy Birthday America!



The Fourth of July is an important holiday for America, and American culture. It’s the day Americans celebrate our freedom from tyranny and oppression. This grounding principal is particularly meaningful to us at Aggressive Hydraulics. For Aggressive Hydraulics, it’s also the day we celebrate our independence to 100% source and manufacture products in the USA.

Since the early 1960’s, certain industries have made a push to save their industry and respective American jobs through the attempt to restrict imports. During that era, many people felt this was an isolationist perspective and that a new emerging global economy would be required to supply our massive “consumer based” country and economy.


In 1960, for example, the United States imported $15 billion in goods but it was still less than what was exported. In 1971 imports to the U.S. surpassed our exports for the first time and we haven’t looked back since. Today the United States imports well over $2 trillion annually with a trade deficit of over $738 billion. This is a troubling statistic considering current unemployment rates and the fiscal budget deficit our country faces.

Today, more than ever, Aggressive Hydraulics is proud to manufacture its products in the United States of America. We feel that creating and retaining jobs in America is not only vastly important to our economic and national security, it is patriotic. Aggressive Hydraulics has always worked toward effective differentiation within the hydraulic cylinder industry in terms of response time as well as design and manufacturing solutions. However, because of labor costs, many hydraulic cylinder companies are now turning toward Asia as a primary supplier. But labor cost is not the only factor considered by these foreign competitors. Sub-standard materials and machining processes can also lower their costs, causing equipment users to pay the price for the downtime and inferior quality that is sure to follow. At Aggressive Hydraulics we are gratified by the pride in workmanship and dedication shown by the experienced American workers who produce our purpose-built products.

Our commitment and culture is focused and clear; “We will continue to grow our business with investment in manufacturing conducted in American facilities while creating American jobs. This puts Aggressive Hydraulics in control of response time and in control of our design and manufacturing integrity and quality.”