Grow Your Business – Hydraulics Advantage Program

Aggressive Hydraulics advantage program

There are times, when as a fluid power distributor, managing your business can get in the way of providing quality service to your customers. Whether it’s inventory management, keeping costs and overhead down, or even marketing your business, sometimes it might be nice to have a partner to rely on. Aggressive Hydraulics developed a program that addresses your concerns; The Aggressive Hydraulics Advantage Program.

The Advantage Program was created as a solution to this problem. You are now able to provide custom solutions to YOUR customer no matter their needs. There is also great flexibility in the services inside the Advantage Program. For example, when you sign up for the Advantage Program and a customer comes to you with a damaged hydraulic cylinder you have options. You can repair the hydraulic cylinder with replacement components we provide as needed, no inventory overhead for you, you can ship your hydraulic cylinder to us for repair, or we can even quote and build a new Purpose Built cylinder that exceeds the original cylinders performance, and you brand it as your own. Of course, there is always that customer that has highly customized needs. The Advantage Program has you covered there too! As an Advantage Program member, you have access to engineers and a design team, that will review the application, create a custom CAD drawing you can present to the customer as your own, with a quote attached. It’s like adding a whole team of engineers and hydraulic cylinder experts to your business. You are able to offer all of this to your clients without adding any cost to your overhead!

Aggressive Hydraulics Advantage Program benefitsThe best part is that registration for our Advantage Program is totally free. Signing up online gives you access to the following tools:

  • Rod & Telescopic Cylinder Search
  • Rod & Cylinder Quote Request
  • Standard Cylinder Drawing Program
  • Telescopic Cylinder & Custom Built Cylinder Worksheets
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Component Parts

Signing up also makes the team at Aggressive Hydraulics, new members of your team, providing top-of-the-line service that your customers need and expect.


If you’re ready to learn more about this innovative program, check out our video tour. It will walk you through every facet of the Advantage Program, so you can see what sets our program a part. Or, if want to get started right away, you can register for the Advantage Program right from our website.