Hydraulic Cylinder Design & Engineering

hydraulic cylinder design & engineering

Purpose-built hydraulic cylinders to go the distance.

By fully understanding each intended application, our hydraulic cylinder design & engineering creates the industry’s most dependable and durable hydraulic cylinder products. Thanks to our failure analysis expertise and 100s of years of experience, we dig deeper and ask the right questions, ensuring purpose-built solutions that go beyond custom-built to proactively address an application’s specific rigors, environmental challenges and exacting requirements.

Our design and engineering expertise is magnified by the depth and breadth of industries we serve. From aerial devices and oil drilling to demolition and defense, our hydraulic cylinder solutions are used in every industry powered by hydraulics. Working across an expansive range of industries reinforces our design innovation and product development process as we apply insights learned from one industry to better serve customers in others.

For custom hydraulic cylinders designed and built for a purpose, on purpose, Aggressive Hydraulics goes the distance every time.

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