Hydraulic Cylinder Sales & Marketing

Hydraulic Cylinder Sales & Marketing

Solutions and services that help you sell and succeed.

Strong sales translate to overall success, that’s why Aggressive Hydraulics offers its Advantage Program members a complete turnkey marketing services group for hydraulic cylinder sales & marketing needs.

Aggressive Hydraulics’ marketing services group offers solutions to support every step of the marketing and sales cycle. From identifying prospects with our extensive databases to keeping you in touch with prospects and customers through email marketing, direct mail and website marketing, we’ll help you open doors and close deals that bring you new revenue sources and new market opportunities.

We offer:

  • Market data development – Development of viable prospect lists using an array of industry-specific databases, market research, and industry insight.
  • Prospect and customer qualification – Refinement of prospect lists through focused outbound call center activity so an organization can stop wasting time with prospects who just aren’t interested and, instead, find customers who are ready to buy.
  • Targeted communication – Development of the right prospect and customer messaging and creation of the tools to effectively disseminate those messages.
  • Results management – Tracking and measuring communications activities to ensure budgets are spent in the best manner possible.

Whether you need a comprehensive marketing program or support in one key area, our marketing services group is ready to help you sell and succeed.

Contact us or call today at 1-866-406-4100 to discuss how we can serve you.