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Minimizing the Risk of Hydraulic Cylinder Contamination

May 15, 2020 Fluid Cleanliness

Microscopic Particles Cause Catastrophic Failure It is a common scenario for machinery using hydraulic systems for transmitting power: a microscopic solid particle causes catastrophic failure of a component. According to industry experts, contamination causes 65-90% of all hydraulic system failures. The malfunction may be intermittent, requiring extensive troubleshooting to identify the faulty component. Once identified, …

Hydraulic Cylinder Fluid Cleanliness Program

May 15, 2020 Fluid Cleanliness, Program

Are destructive contaminants hiding in your new hydraulic cylinder? It has been said that cylinders are the top contributor to hydraulic system contamination. Aggressive Hydraulics has changed that with our Culture of Cleanliness. This culture is the standard which every product is held to. We have implemented a Fluid Cleanliness Program that exceeds top OEM …

Preventing Fluid Contamination in Hydraulic Cylinders

September 14, 2015 Fluid Cleanliness

When it comes to hydraulics, fluid conditioning is one of the most important aspects. Fluid conditioning is the process of keeping your hydraulic fluid clean and free from contamination. If you don’t maintain your hydraulic fluid, your hydraulic system is destined to fail. How Does Fluid Get Contaminated? Contamination occurs when particles of metal, sand, …