Does it seem far-fetched to transport people from city to city at speeds up to 800 miles per hour?

Well, we are one step closer thanks to a field of 120 plus teams that competed in SpaceX’s Hyperloop Pod Competition held late January in College Station, Texas.

A concept first developed by Elon Musk (co-founder & CEO of Tesla Motors), Hyperloop is the name of the project that hopes to provide an alternative method for inter-city transportation. Hyperloop hopes to connect cities through low pressure tubes with housing pods that ride on a cushion of air at extremely high speeds.

A group of 25 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) students set themselves apart from more than 1,000 students representing 27 countries and secured Best Overall Design in the contest. The MIT team broke into four sub-teams focusing on specific areas of design:

  • Vehicle dynamics
  • Electronics and software
  • Levitation
  • Aerodynamics

What does this have to do with Hydraulic Cylinders?

With the anticipated high speeds involved in this project, a safe and effective breaking system was a top priority. As part of the project, the team developed a braking system that was hydraulic and spring powered.

*Project Manager John Mayor explains “The hydraulic cylinders hold the brakes open, and then springs clamp it shut. If we have any power loss…it just clamps shut automatically.”

Next steps for the MIT team and other winners in the competition includes building a prototype of their pod which will be tested on a one-mile track at SpaceX this summer.

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