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Open doors to more customers and new markets.

Put our design, engineering and manufacturing expertise to your advantage and grow your business with Aggressive Hydraulics. It’s easy and FREE with the Aggressive Hydraulics Advantage Program. This value-added offering for our reseller partners provides a seamless way for you to serve current customers and attract new ones. Our technical know-how, purpose-built solutions and marketing support is especially valuable for Fluid Power Specialists and other Fluid Power industry professionals.

Joining the Advantage Program allows you to:

  • Generate more sales without adding staff, machinery and other overhead
  • Leverage our capacity and inventory as an extension of your business.
  • Pursue more cylinder clients, especially in new industries.
  • Broaden your customer base to minimize seasonal effects and economic impact.
  • Offer exclusive, purpose-built cylinders that support higher margins.

We’ve been designing, engineering and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders for more than twenty years for thousands of applications. Our hydraulic cylinders expertise is well documented and well earned, giving our Advantage Program members a level of quality assurance that’s second to none. But what’s even better? Our expertise is supported by exceptional customer service. We’re easy to reach, we act fast, and we follow through on everything we do. Doesn’t your business deserve that kind of advantage?

Contact us or call today at 1-866-406-4100 to start benefitting from our Advantage Program.