Smart Hydraulic Cylinders

Get Smart: The Future of Hydraulic Cylinders is here

Equipment Users today are driven by three things: Productivity, Safety and Return on Investment. That’s why now is the time to look for ways to work toward creating more user friendly and automation features in your equipment wherever possible. Whether it’s a Mobile or Industrial application, Aggressive Hydraulics utilizes a combination of computer aided technology and decades of smart cylinder design and manufacturing experience. Our Engineering Team has a great track record integrating special features into cylinders such as electronics and hydraulic valves.

We have utilized and incorporated all major feedback technologies within our cylinders as well as work with all major manufacturers of transducers. Our Manufacturing Team utilizes our Purpose-Built manufacturing facility with 4 axis machining, robotic welding and custom built assembly and testing equipment. A cylinder from Aggressive Hydraulics is more than just another a hydraulic linear actuator, it’s the future of hydraulic cylinders.

Smart Cylinders: Purpose Built for Your Application

We design and manufacture custom, purpose-built hydraulic cylinders to exact specifications. That way you know that the cylinder you’re getting will perform for your specific application. Aggressive Hydraulics develops dozens of new custom, application specific cylinders every month, many of these incorporate linear position transducers. Leverage our experience and technological capability for your hydraulic cylinder applications.

Contact Us: Our team has decades of Smart Cylinder design and manufacturing experience

Let the Hydraulic Cylinder Specialists help you make a positive impact with your customers through integrating smart cylinder technology in your system.

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