Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Aggressive Hydraulics manufactures industry-leading hydraulic cylinder products.
Innovative Engineering Solutions

Innovative Engineering Solutions

Our engineering team combines decades of experience with computer-aided technology. These allow us to deliver the precise hydraulic cylinder solution to fit your requirements.

Performance That Lasts

Performance That Lasts

Businesses around the world rely on our purpose-built solutions. Our products are engineered and manufactured to deliver in the demanding rigors of real world applications.

Quality Proved Through Precision

Quality Proved Through Precision

Precision is essential in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. From prototype to production run we manufacture to your exact specifications.


Aggressive Hydraulics is well established within the welded hydraulic cylinder industry on a global basis. We have been directly involved in designing and manufacturing hydraulic cylinders in virtually all industries since 1980.

Welded Rod Cylinders

  • Double and single acting rod hydraulic cylinders

Telescopic Cylinders

  • Double and single acting telescopic hydraulic cylinders
  • Common sizes of 1-½” to 20” bore
  • Common lengths up to 300” stroke
  • Carbon
  • Alloy
  • Stainless
  • Standard & Heavy Chrome
  • Nitro
  • Induction hardened
  • Chrome over Nickel
  • Tungsten Carbide (HVOF)
  • Tri-com
  • PV Chromium Nitride
  • And more…

Pinned Mounts

  • Cross Tube
  • Clevis
  • Lug
  • Spherical Bearing
  • Trunnion
  • Rod Eye
  • Drill-Thru
  • Optional Bushings

Fixed Mounts

  • Flange
  • Block
  • Threaded (M/F)
  • Bolted
  • Plain/No Mount
  • Foot
  • Plate

Pre-Engineered Hydraulic Cylinders

These cylinders can be configured from six basic styles and built to order based on your bore, rod and stroke requirements.