Double Wall Telescopic Cylinders: Rod Cylinder Performance in a Multistage Package

April 8, 2021 Publications

By Tony Casassa, Application Engineer, Aggressive Hydraulics A Workhorse of the Fluid Power System Hydraulic cylinders are a workhorse of the fluid power system in a variety of industrial and mobile machinery.  They have high power density, are durable and leak-free even in challenging environments, and provide many operating cycles before service is required.  Today’s …

AGGRESSIVE HYDRAULICS: The Face of Mobile Hydraulic Cylinders

January 12, 2021 Publications

Industry-leading quality and product design integrity. At Aggressive Hydraulics we understand that your lead time requirements can be short, and expectations will be high.  Culture is deeply rooted in teamwork from all departments, cohesively working together to become an extension of your business. You will always high level of responsive service; before, during, and after …

Hydraulic Cylinder Cushions Can Prevent Mechanical Shock

November 10, 2020 Publications

By Tony Casassa, Application Engineer, Aggressive Hydraulics Every day, hydraulic cylinders work to push, pull, tilt, raise, and hold loads on diverse equipment. Often the operator is responsible for gradually stopping the cylinder in a controlled manner. However, in some applications, the cylinder may fully extend or retract and reach the end of the mechanical …

Aggressive Hydraulics is Proudly ISO 9001:2015 Certified

August 27, 2020 Company Highlights

Investments made in our business—to better serve yours. Earning ISO 9001:2015 certification is a badge of honor. Quality has become reinforced in every facet of our company. Defined structures and processes allow us to achieve higher operating efficiency while continuing to deliver industry-leading products. What is ISO 9001:2015 certification? ISO 9001:2015 is an international standard dedicated to …

Purpose-Built Hydraulic Cylinders & Components Catalog

August 26, 2020 Company Highlights

Every Detail Counts Meticulously developed to elevate your hydraulic cylinder experience, our new purpose-built catalog delivers the comprehensive information you want. Whether your needs are for components, custom, pre-engineered or unique hydraulic cylinder solutions, this catalog has you covered. Enhanced specifications will help you make accurate decisions—experience why Aggressive Hydraulics is Engineered to Move Your …

Minimizing the Risk of Hydraulic Cylinder Contamination

May 15, 2020 Fluid Cleanliness

Microscopic Particles Cause Catastrophic Failure It is a common scenario for machinery using hydraulic systems for transmitting power: a microscopic solid particle causes catastrophic failure of a component. According to industry experts, contamination causes 65-90% of all hydraulic system failures. The malfunction may be intermittent, requiring extensive troubleshooting to identify the faulty component. Once identified, …

Hydraulic Cylinder Fluid Cleanliness Program

May 15, 2020 Fluid Cleanliness, Program

Are destructive contaminants hiding in your new hydraulic cylinder? It has been said that cylinders are the top contributor to hydraulic system contamination. Aggressive Hydraulics has changed that with our Culture of Cleanliness. This culture is the standard which every product is held to. We have implemented a Fluid Cleanliness Program that exceeds top OEM …

Aggressive Hydraulics: Made In America

March 11, 2020 Company Highlights

Domestically Sourced Materials Work with a dependable, American manufacturer. All of our materials are domestically sourced and every phase of the manufacturing process is controlled internally. Rely on us to provide you with hydraulic cylinder solutions Get Off-The-Shelf Component Parts Our engineering team designs all of our component parts. All are stocked and ready to …

Ryan Newman Raffle

January 31, 2020 Aggressive Racing

Prizes Grand Prize (1 winner) Personalized Video Message from Ryan Newman Autographed Aggressive Hydraulics OGIO Hat Autographed Racer Card Second Place (5 winners) Autographed Aggressive Hydraulics OGIO Hat Third Place (While Supplies Last) Autographed Racer Card Dates Winners Announced: February 25, 2020 at 12:00 PM EST Rules