Robust, Flexible, and Reliable Custom Welded Hydraulic Cylinders

Reduce downtime related to hydraulic leaks with custom welded cylinders. Aggressive Hydraulics builds custom welded hydraulic cylinders for total reliability across various applications and operating environments. Our engineering team takes your requirements and designs a premium cylinder that exceeds expectations.

Quality throughout and flexibility in the design are essential. That is why we have configurations of custom hydraulic cylinders that last.

Advantages of Custom Welded Cylinders from Aggressive Hydraulics

  • Design flexibility not limited to pre-set configurations
  • Integral valve options with welded fluid lines eliminate the need for threaded connections
  • Flexible port sizes and locations
  • Designed to be repairable
  • Compact envelope dimensions with an aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Enhanced integrity in high-pressure, high-cycle, and high-vibration applications

Custom Welded Hydraulic Cylinder Features & Specifications

  • Single & Double Acting configurations
  • Common bore sizes from 1-1/2″ to 20″
  • Common stroke lengths up to 300″
  • Seal options available based on fluid/pressure/temperature
  • Standard Carbon, Alloy, & Stainless material options available based on application
  • Standard paint options include vinyl acrylic primer or enamel, special paints available upon request
  • Plating/treatment options available based on application

Medium-Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

  • System pressures up to 2,500 psi

Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Cylinders

  • System pressures up to 5,000 psi