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Aggressive Hydraulics has decades of experience designing and building custom hydraulic cylinders engineered to meet your requirements. We’ve worked hard to earn a vast collection of hands-on knowledge and are excited to pass that expertise on to you. Our in-depth technical resources, cylinder catalogs, and other online tools are Purpose-Built™ to help you understand your equipment, troubleshoot issues with your current cylinders, and select the best hydraulic cylinder or component for your specific market.

Including calculators for hydraulic rod cylinders, single-acting telescopic (SAT) hydraulic cylinders, and double-acting telescopic (DAT) hydraulic cylinders, our online calculator tools use proven formulas to minimize downtime previously spent making manual calculations.

Designed to take your RFQ to the next level, our custom rod cylinder quoting tool makes receiving a custom quote quick and easy. Our innovative engineering solutions create the precise hydraulic cylinder you need to complete your job.

Our comprehensive Hydraulic Cylinder & Component Catalog delivers enhanced specifications, hydraulic cylinder formulas, complete product line breakdowns, and other essential information. Discover how Aggressive Hydraulics can raise the efficiency of your equipment with a print or digital cylinder catalog.

Pre-engineered hydraulic cylinders utilize standard mounting configurations and bore-to-rod combinations as the basis of your built-to-order cylinder. Our configurator uses your specifications to create a detailed PDF drawing of our 100-900 Series pre-engineered cylinder design options.

Get an inside look at Aggressive Hydraulics. Our “Inside Aggressive” video series show how our facility is Purpose-Built™ for manufacturing high-quality hydraulic cylinders.

Download and print these custom rod and telescopic cylinder worksheets.

This at-a-glance cylinder resource contains common formulas helpful to individuals working with hydraulic systems. From calculating hydraulic power (HP) to retract time (sec) and beyond, Aggressive Hydraulics has the expert tools you need to understand your equipment.

What is a hydraulic cylinder? What are the common causes of cylinder failure? What are the advantages of SAE and JIC ports over NPT ports? We answer these frequently asked questions and more to assist you in understanding, troubleshooting, or selecting a hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic Cylinder Videos

Check out our growing “Inside Aggressive” video series. These videos provide a quick view of our processes, machining centers, robots, and more.

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