Easy Configuration, Quality You Expect
Pre-Engineered cylinders from Aggressive Hydraulics utilize the most common mounting configurations and bore to rod combinations.  These are configurable from six basic styles and built-to-order based on your requirements and our standard cylinder component parts.

Made in USA, Short Lead Times
You get the quality that you expect.  These aren’t commodity cylinders; we build them in the United States with short production lead times.

Features & Specifications

  • 2.500 psi – 3,000 psi Pressure Ratings
  • Cold drawn (high impact) 75,000 min.yield D.O.M. tubing
  • Ground & polished, hard chrome plated rods (75,000 min. yield)
  • Welded style construction certified to A.W.S. B2.1
  • Internally threaded head design with buttress threads
  • Highest quality seal configurations compatible with petroleum base fluids
  • Increased bearing length on both head & piston
  • Ductile iron head gland & piston
  • Piston utilizes wear bearings
  • Nylon inserted lock nut
  • Primer painted

Pre-Engineered Cylinder Drawing Program

Instantly customize and print detailed prints of our 100-900 Series Pre-Engineered Cylinders.

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