Safety, Performance, and Aesthetics with Custom Integrated Valve Hydraulic Cylinders

When your application requires counterbalance or pilot operated check valves, the ideal location is directly mounted to the cylinder because it continues to provide load holding protection even when a hose fails.  From basic single or dual counterbalance valves to complex integrated circuits, our team will design your cylinders with compact valve manifolds.

Direct Mounting Can Eliminate

  • Mounting brackets
  • Hardware
  • Fluid connectors
  • Assembly time

Compact Valve Manifolds Can Meet

  • Broad safety expectations
  • Performance requirements
  • Aesthetics

Custom Integrated Valve Hydraulic Cylinder Features & Specifications

  • Valve and porting location flexibility
  • Sanitary plumbing improves aesthetics
  • Welded Fluid Lines eliminate threaded connections
  • Numerous safety benefits

Customization Options for Integrated Valve Hydraulic Cylinders

  • Solenoid valves
  • Counterbalance valves
  • Load holding cartridge valves
  • Pilot operated check valves
  • Velocity fuses
  • Sequence valves
  • Regenerative circuits