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Aggressive Hydraulics has the experience, resources, and capabilities to meet OEM needs.

Purpose-Built™ Processes from a Top USA Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturer.

Aggressive Hydraulics takes pride in being organized and efficient at all levels. Our team of sales, engineering, manufacturing, and service professionals have been working together for decades. Our knowledge and passion for hydraulic cylinders are unrivaled in the industry.

To help you get to know us better, explore our Minnesota manufacturing facility through this virtual tour. We are a leading manufacturer of hydraulic cylinders for OEMs, and our vast industry experience and cutting-edge innovations are at your disposal. Check out our services and capabilities, then request a quote or contact us to get started.

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Commitment to Quality

Your Success is Our Success

At Aggressive Hydraulics, quality isn’t just a department—it’s a company-wide commitment. Every hydraulic cylinder designed and manufactured in our USA facility is Purpose-Built™ to your custom specifications. We see ourselves as an extension of your business, and we look forward to building a long-term relationship that lasts for years to come.

Quality Processes from a World-Class Facility:

  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Defined structures and processes for efficient manufacturing
  • USA-made hydraulic cylinders to ensure quality final products
  • Top-of-the-line machines run by seasoned machinists, certified welders, and qualified hydraulic technicians


Hydraulic Cylinder Experts Ready to Help You

Your hydraulic cylinder manufacturing process begins with our highly trained and experienced sales team. Like every department at Aggressive Hydraulics, our sales team is based in the USA to ensure American-made quality.

Our representatives are here and ready to help from initial inquiry to product delivery and beyond. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority, and so our team works hard to ensure that your Purpose-Built™ hydraulic cylinder will match every specification needed for your OEM operation.

Better Understanding Your Hydraulic Cylinder Requirements:

  • We ask the right questions
  • We provide quick, accurate quotes
  • We communicate order updates throughout your hydraulic cylinder design and manufacturing processes

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Design and Engineering

Purpose-Built™ Extends Beyond Custom-Built

Every team at Aggressive Hydraulics works together to deliver the best hydraulic cylinders that match every specification for your market. After establishing your requirements, our sales team partners with our engineering team to develop custom cylinder solutions based on your unique needs. We go beyond custom-built hydraulic cylinders to design completely Purpose-Built™ solutions tailored to your machinery.

We offer a variety of proprietary calculation tools for welded rod cylinders, single-acting telescopic cylinders, and double-acting telescopic cylinders to identify the exact hydraulic cylinder you need for your OEM operation.

High-Quality Hydraulic Cylinder Engineering Processes Provide:

    • Industry-leading turnaround on intricate drawings and models
    • Proven design tracking processes
    • Experienced staff trained in the latest CAD tools
    • Design standards and proprietary calculation tools
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Production Control

Total Control of Your Manufacturing Process

Short lead times and on-time deliveries are the top concerns for OEMs across all markets. With increasingly complex supply chains and unanticipated disruptions, working with a domestic hydraulic cylinder manufacturer has never been more important. Aggressive Hydraulics is here to help.

We use a proprietary ERP system that allows us to track all stages of production as your cylinder moves through design, manufacturing, and final delivery. We always know the status of your order and quickly communicate any changes as they occur, allowing us to be responsive to your needs while maintaining short lead times with a high level of on-time delivery.

Custom ERP Software Offers:

  • Manufacturing processes that are defined, scheduled, and tracked
  • Real-time visual management of the production floor
  • Accurate delivery times through job scheduling

Raw Materials

Quality Raw Materials Sourced for American-Made Hydraulic Cylinders

We source the best materials from trusted suppliers. This standard ensures that you receive quality products every time. You can trust that Aggressive Hydraulics only delivers high-performance cylinders Purpose-Built™ to our strict in-house standards and your quality control requirements. We provide material certification to validate raw material properties with every order and use innovative serialization to track pieces throughout production.

How Serialized Material Tracking Improves Your Production:

  • Innovative inventory tracking allows for real-time availability information
  • Organized product tracking leads to better yields
  • Vertical part stacker keeps production floor streamlined to reduce timeline estimates
  • Faster turnarounds and lead times on manufacturing processes
  • Expedited troubleshooting to speed up production

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Environmentally Conscious Manufacturing

At every phase of manufacturing, Aggressive Hydraulics utilizes our experience, technology, and commitment to quality to enhance your production. We diligently adhere to the highest quality standards and completely control the manufacturing process, allowing us to provide you with products promptly.

In addition to our organized, clean, and precision hydraulic cylinder manufacturing processes, we proactively reduce our environmental footprint. We have installed an air quality system within our facility and always recycle oil, coolant, and metals.

Our Minnesota-Based Manufacturing Facility Offers:

  • Continual investment in high-tech equipment to keep pace with evolving market demands
  • Certified and robotic welders
  • Cranes and heavy-duty moving equipment to keep products secure during transportation
  • Innovative robotic production methods to minimize human error and maximize efficiency, consistency, and repeatability
  • 4-axis CNC machines and other precision equipment
  • Flexible machining capabilities to match your specifications
  • Environmentally conscious production methods, including wastewater filtration, responsible disposal of consumables, and more


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inspection of parts

Assembly & Testing

Meticulously Tested

Our team extensively tests every single hydraulic cylinder built at Aggressive Hydraulics. This attention to detail ensures that your cylinders meet our high standards before being immediately and safely delivered to you. In addition to matching our internal criteria, we also incorporate any requirements your OEM outfit demands.

Aggressive Hydraulics Internal Standards:

  • Integrated electronic sensors thoroughly tested with specialized equipment
  • Automated fluid cleanliness and monitoring systems
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified
  • Elements of IATF 16949, included PPAP, FMEA, and APQP
  • Utilizes Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)


Effective Supply Chain Management from the Experts

The quality of Aggressive Hydraulics extends to shipping. Our shipping department handles all inbound and outbound deliveries. Your products are always shipped with the same care and attention to detail that they received throughout the entire job cycle.

We seek efficiency at every step of production. That’s why we utilize an automated wrapper while preparing your hydraulic cylinder for shipping. This wrapper removes the opportunity for human error, uses high-quality and sturdy materials, and protects your final product during delivery.

You Can Count on Aggressive Hydraulics:

  • Commitment to quality packaging through automated processes
  • Tracking information sent promptly
  • Ensuring you receive high-performance Purpose-Built™ cylinders that were not damaged during shipment
  • On-time deliveries with fast turnarounds

Learn More About American-Made Hydraulic Cylinders from Aggressive Hydraulics

Aggressive Hydraulics is your go-to source for hydraulic cylinders made in America. To learn more about our products, services, and capabilities, download our comprehensive catalog and explore our resources. When you’re ready to begin your order, request a quote. A highly trained representative will be in touch to guide you through your hydraulic cylinder manufacturing process.

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