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We have the experience, resources, and capabilities to meet your needs

We take pride in being organized and professional at all levels.

Our team of sales, engineering, manufacturing, and service professionals have been working together for decades. Their knowledge and passion for hydraulic cylinders are unrivaled in the industry.

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Ready To Help You
An experienced sales team is here and ready to help from initial inquiry to product delivery and beyond.  We ask the right questions to understand your purpose-built application requirement.

Better Understanding Your Requirements:

  • We ask the right questions
  • We provide quick, accurate quotes
  • We communicate order updates throughout


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Purpose-Built Extends Beyond Custom-Built
The Engineering team at Aggressive Hydraulics works with sales to develop custom cylinder solutions based on your specific requirements.  Our experts are here to be an extension of your business.

What Engineering Provides:


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Production Control

Total Control of Production
Short lead times and on-time deliveries are vital.  Our custom ERP system allows us to be responsive to your needs.  That means maintaining short lead times with a high level of on-time delivery.

Responsive To Your Needs:

  • Manufacturing processes that are defined, scheduled and tracked
  • Real-time visual management of the production floor
  • Accurate delivery times through job scheduling

Raw Materials

Always Ensuring Quality
We source the best materials from trusted suppliers.  This standard ensures that you receive quality products every time.  You know the type of product that you’re getting when you order from Aggressive Hydraulics.

How We Do It:


Total Control of Manufacturing
Quality is a critical part of everything we do. We diligently adhere to the highest quality standards and are in complete control of the manufacturing process. This allows us to provide you with products promptly.

Machinery and Tools to Deliver:

  • Flexible machining capabilities
  • Welders—certified and robotic
  • 4-axis CNC
  • Continual investment in high-tech equipment


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Environmentally Conscious

Minimizing Footprints
At Aggressive Hydraulics, we take a proactive approach to reducing our environmental footprint.  An environmentally conscious focus has extended beyond recycling oil, coolant, and metals.

Environmentally Conscious Steps Included:

  • Installing an air quality system within our facility
  • Responsible disposal of consumables
  • Wastewater filtration

Assembly & Testing

Meticulously Tested
Every single cylinder built at Aggressive Hydraulics is meticulously tested internally by our team.  This attention to detail ensures that your cylinders meet our high standards and will immediately and safely deliver for you.

Internal Standards Include:

  • Integrated electronic sensors are thoroughly tested with specialized equipment
  • Automated fluid cleanliness and monitoring systems
  • All cylinders are 100% tested


Dependability Every Time
The quality of Aggressive Hydraulics extends to shipping.  Our shipping department handles all inbound and outbound shipments.  Your products are always shipping with care and attention to detail that it received throughout the entire job cycle.

Count On Us:   

  • Commitment to quality packaging
  • Tracking information sent promptly
  • Delivering product as it was when it left our shop


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