Dirty Work
Hydraulic cylinders in Demolition and Scrap are subject to some of the world’s most demanding applications.  Being subjected to hours of extreme conditions can easily lead to overworked and abused equipment. A single hydraulic failure on a machine can put your project weeks behind schedule.

We Help Keep Your Machinery Working:

  • Development of new purpose-built cylinders
  • Repair of broken cylinders
  • Timely, accurate overhauls

Typical Applications

Aggressive Hydraulics has the knowledge and expertise to design, engineer & manufacture a wide array of custom demolition & scrap hydraulic cylinders.

  • Compression, Packer Cylinders
  • Crusher Cylinders
  • Leveling Jack Cylinders
  • Door Cylinders
  • Front Pusher Cylinders
  • Rear Pusher Cylinders
  • Crusher Cylinders
  • Clamp Cylinders
  • Boom In / Out Cylinders
  • Hoist Cylinders
  • Slag Door Pusher Cylinders
  • Stick Cylinders
  • Tilt Cylinders
  • Tool Cylinders
  • Orange Peel Grapple Cylinders
  • Arm Crowd Dipper Dipperstick Dip Stick Ditching Dig Cylinders
  • Boom Cylinders
  • Bucket Cylinders
  • Cab Riser Linkage Cylinders
  • Dozer Blade Cylinders
  • Hoist Cylinders
  • Hoist Cylinders
  • Lifted-Up Cabin Cylinders
  • Oscillating Axle Lock Cylinders
  • Outrigger Stabilizer Jackleg Cylinders
  • Steering Cylinders
  • Shears
  • Jaw Actuator Cylinders
  • Shear Cylinders
  • Deflector Box Flap Cylinders
  • DFR Cylinders
  • Feed Roll Cylinders
  • Hood Lift Cylinders
  • Mill Tilt Cylinders
  • Reject Door Cylinders