Assisting First Responders

First responders rely on Aggressive Hydraulics for dependable equipment that performs throughout mission-critical applications.  We provide hydraulic cylinders engineered to deliver for the people that we depend on when needed most.

Cylinders Designed and Manufactured Include:  

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Purpose-Built Cylinders to Match Any Emergency Vehicle Application

Aggressive Hydraulics has the knowledge and expertise to design, engineer & manufacture a wide array of emergency vehicle hydraulic cylinders.

  • Platform Extension Cylinders
  • Tower Raising Cylinders
  • Basket Leveling Cylinders
  • Boom Extend & Retract Cylinders
  • Boom Hoist Lift Cylinders
  • Boom Topping Cylinders
  • Bucket Leveling Cylinders
  • Cab Lift / Tilt Cylinders
  • Elevation Cylinders
  • Extension Cylinders
  • Hoist Cylinders
  • Ladder Elevation Cylinders
  • Ladder Extend & Retract Cylinders
  • Ladder Lift Cylinders
  • Ladder Tilt Cylinders
  • Outrigger Stabilizer Jackleg Cylinders
  • Outrigger Stabilizer Jackleg Beam Extension Cylinders
  • Platform Leveling Cylinders
  • Power Assist Cylinders
  • Lift Cylinders
  • Bed Extension, Slideback Cylinders
  • Bed Tilt, Inboard & Outboard Cylinders
  • Boom Extend & Retract Cylinders
  • Boom Lift Cylinders
  • Boom Lift Elevation Cylinders
  • Dual Deck Front Lift Cylinders
  • Dual Deck Incline Lift Cylinders
  • Extension Cylinders
  • Lift Cylinders
  • Stiff Leg, Spade, Outrigger Stabilizer Jackleg Cylinders
  • Recovery Boom Extension Cylinders
  • Recovery Boom Lift Cylinders
  • Stinger Extension Cylinders
  • Tilt / Fold Cylinders
  • Tow Hitch Cylinders
  • Wheel Lift / Underlift, Boom Extend, Stinger Cylinders
  • Wheel Lift / Underlift, Lift Cylinders
  • Wheel Lift / Underlift, Tilt Cylinders
  • Wheel Lift / Underlift, Tow Bar Up & Down