This video series covers how hydraulic cylinder bearings and bushings are crucial components that support the smooth operation and longevity of hydraulic systems.

Bearings and bushings help reduce friction and wear between moving elements. Key characteristics include material composition, load capacity, and stress and force level tolerance. Bearings and bushings endure significant stress and forces, impacting their performance and lifespan. There are numerous types, such as plain bearings, roller bearings, and sleeve bushings, each suited for different applications. Proper implementation in hydraulic cylinders ensures optimal functionality and minimizes downtime due to maintenance or failure.

The Aggressive Hydraulics Engineering Manager, Tony Casassa, presents this informative five-part video presentation.

What is covered…

  • Part 1: Basics: focusing on the basics of bearing and bushing.
  • Part 2: Key Characteristics: covers the important characteristics of bearings and bushings.
  • Part 3: Stress: how stress and forces impact bearings and bushings.
  • Part 4: Types: explaining various types of bearings and bushings.
  • Part 5: Implementation: examples of how bearings and bushings can be implemented on hydraulic cylinders.

Aggressive Hydraulics, a leader in custom hydraulic cylinder manufacturing, presents this AH University educational series. We are Hydraulic Cylinder Specialists®, specializing in Purpose-Built™ custom hydraulic cylinders.

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