This video series covers the factors to consider when selecting the right size cylinder for an application: direction, force, distance, speed, and power.

Join Tony Casassa, our featured presenter and Engineering Manager, as he breaks down the basic concepts of hydraulic cylinder sizing.

What is covered…

  • Direction: Uncover direction’s vital role in the functionality and efficiency of hydraulic cylinders.
  • Force: Learn how to calculate and apply forces accurately to achieve desired outcomes in hydraulic systems.
  • Distance: Understand the impact of cylinder stroke distance on your system’s operations.
  • Speed: Delve into the strategies for optimizing the speed of hydraulic cylinders without sacrificing power.
  • Power: Explore how to harness and maximize the power of hydraulic systems for peak performance.

Whether you are a seasoned engineer or new to the field, we hope these insights will prove valuable in your understanding of hydraulic cylinders.

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