Partially double acting telescopic cylinders, sometimes called single and double acting combination cylinders, use hydraulic pressure for a portion of the stroke. External forces and gravity then complete the retraction. This cylinder design is well-suited to over-center applications and heavy-duty lifting jobs, such as oil & gas drill rigs or haul trucks, off-highway dumps.

Plunger rods being utilized on oil site

Custom Partially Double Acting Hydraulic Cylinders from an American Manufacturer

Aggressive Hydraulics is an industry-leading manufacturer of custom hydraulic cylinders designed to match OEM specifications. We work closely with you to design, manufacture, and assemble performance-built partially double acting hydraulic cylinders that meet your requirements and can withstand harsh environments, long-term use, and the demands of any market. Your satisfaction is our top priority, and we always ensure the protection of any proprietary designs or solutions.

Other advantages to choosing Aggressive Hydraulics as your partially double acting hydraulic cylinder manufacturer include:

  • Short production lead times
  • Innovative engineering using computer-aided technology
  • Precision manufacturing from prototype to production
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified USA-based manufacturing facilities

Purpose-Built™ to Match Your Specifications

Partially double acting hydraulic cylinders take the lifting power of double acting cylinders and combine it with the cost-effective and low-maintenance characteristics of a single acting hydraulic cylinder. Plunger rods in partially double acting telescopic cylinders can be single acting or double acting to meet your equipment’s needs. Partially double acting hydraulic cylinders are only available as telescopic designs.

Aggressive Hydraulics’ experienced machinists can handle low and high-volume productions, offer prototype manufacturing and testing, and complete all manufacturing on top-of-the-line equipment. We always deliver quality, high-performing hydraulic cylinders that match your specifications. In partially double acting cylinders, the largest sleeve can be double acting, while the balance of sleeves and plunger rod can be single acting. Skip-a-sleeve options are available during design to increase the effective area and retract force. Other special features, such as placing both ports on the barrel, are available upon request.

In addition to our telescopic hydraulic cylinder options, we offer a variety of other custom hydraulic cylinder configurations:

Learn More About Partially Double Acting Telescopic Hydraulic Cylinders

Aggressive Hydraulics is a top hydraulic cylinder manufacturer for customers around the world. To learn more about how we can support your equipment, or to discuss your partially double acting hydraulic cylinder design requirements, contact us or request a quote today.