Hydraulic Cylinder Capabilities

Hydraulic Cylinder Capabilities

If your company’s equipment or services depend on hydraulic cylinders, Aggressive Hydraulics has the skill, experience, resources, and hydraulic cylinder capabilities to meet your needs. Our team of engineering, manufacturing and repair professionals have been working together for more than 20 years, and their knowledge and passion is unrivaled in the industry.

We help businesses across the United States and around the world solve their hydraulic cylinder problems, from engineering an entirely new purpose-built cylinder to precisely manufacturing replacement parts for broken or obsolete cylinders. We even assist with new product development from idea to implementation and enhance your sales and marketing efforts with our years of industry experience.

We want to see you succeed. We want to grow together. Find out more about Aggressive Hydraulics and our full lineup of services. We’re so much more than just a cylinder manufacturer.

hydraulic cylinder design & engineering

Hydraulic Cylinder Design & Engineering

Purpose-built hydraulic cylinders to go the distance. By fully understanding each intended application, our hydraulic cylinder design & engineering creates the industry’s most dependable and durable hydraulic cylinder products. Thanks to our failure analysis expertise … Read More

hydraulic cylinder manufacturing welding

Hydraulic Cylinder Manufacturing

Quality, precision, integrity from prototype to production run. Precision is essential in hydraulic cylinder manufacturing. Whether you need one custom-made, purpose-built cylinder or a thousand, Aggressive Hydraulics manufactures to your exact specifications–from prototype to production … Read More

hydraulic cylinder repair

Hydraulic Cylinder Repair

Solving hydraulic cylinder repair issues the smart way. We love to learn from others’ failures. Hydraulic cylinder repair provides us with a unique opportunity to understand what’s working–and what’s not–with the existing cylinder. If a … Read More

hydraulic cylinder product development

Hydraulic Cylinder Product Development

Innovation that leads to new opportunities. Whether you need after-market replacement cylinders or are looking for growth in new markets, our flexible hydraulic cylinder product development capabilities provide you with innovation and quality assurance from … Read More

Hydraulic Cylinder Sales & Marketing

Hydraulic Cylinder Sales & Marketing

Solutions and services that help you sell and succeed. Strong sales translate to overall success, that’s why Aggressive Hydraulics offers its Advantage Program members a complete turnkey marketing services group for hydraulic cylinder sales & … Read More