Energy use has been a hot topic for many years. Environmental concern, cost, and the availability of fossil fuels have made energy a topic that has been researched, discussed, and debated at length. In various means of energy productions, hydraulics play a key role. Let’s take a look at two very different energy sources that both use the power of hydraulics.

Fossil Fuels

For decades, fossil fuels have been our primary energy source, powering our cars and our lives. Hydraulic power makes it possible for these fuels to be obtained from deep within our earth. The amount of force needed to extract these fuels is massive, and without hydraulics, it simply couldn’t be done in an efficient manner.

Fossil fuels have been controversial; there are concerns both about the environmental impacts of their use and the methods of extraction. But no matter your thoughts on the topic, the truth is that our world would simply not function without access to fossil fuels. Hydraulics make this access possible.



Harnessing the power of water has long been a goal of conservationists. Taking the force of a rushing river and turning it into usable energy is a great way to address many of the concerns people have about fossil fuels. But how can this natural force be controlled?

Hydraulics make it possible to control that force and turn it into electricity. Hydroelectric power is used all over the country to pump and move water in ways that create power. We’re continuing to see advances in this industry, and hydraulics make this innovation possible.


No matter the source, in this day and age energy is something we can’t live without. Whether your drilling oil or pumping water, you need equipment that is reliable and efficient. Our custom hydraulic cylinders can help extend the life and efficiency of your machinery. Because we build cylinders specifically for your industry and equipment, you can have confidence in their function, and focus your attention where it’s needed most: getting the job done.

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