Whether they’re machines working in your backyard or on your construction site, the power of hydraulics makes many things possible. Hydraulics allow machinery to move and lift thousands of pounds, and enable us to build things that are modern marvels.

How do hydraulics work? The concept is pretty simple. Hydraulics take force that is applied at one point and move it to a different point using an incompressible fluid, which is usually oil or water. In this process, the force applied is also multiplied, allowing machines powered by hydraulics to manipulate very large or heavy items.

A construction site is one of the best places to see hydraulic machines in action. The power of hydraulics allows an excavator to move over one ton of dirt with ease. You’ll see equipment that runs on tracks, powered by hydraulics. You may see skids or loaders moving heavy stones or logs. You might even see a dump truck pouring out yards of concrete, thanks to telescopic cylinders. Hydraulics make it possible for these machines to do their jobs.


How do you take care of the hydraulic systems in these machines so you can continue to do heavy work with easy? We think it starts with quality parts. That’s why were so devoted to creating Purpose-Built™ cylinders that are made with a specific machine and function in mind. This leads to parts that last longer, saving you both money and time.

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