Hydraulics have many important uses, but among the most important are those that keep us safe. We see hydraulics at work in public safety, especially in the dangerous work of fighting fires. Firefighters have to get to many places quickly and safely in order to put out fires and save lives, and hydraulic power makes that possible. Let’s take a look at the ways hydraulics are used by firefighters.


One of the most visible ways that we see hydraulics at work in firefighting is the ladders used to reach windows and other high places. These ladders use telescopic hydraulic cylinders to reach places they couldn’t otherwise, making it possible for firefighters to rescue people from tall buildings. A telescopic hydraulic cylinder can extend 3-6 times the compressed cylinder length, allowing for a much more compact unit when closed with much greater extension capabilities.

Heavy Rescue Vehicles

Fire fighters do much more than fight fires, and in many cases they are key in disasters and accidents. Heavy rescue vehicles are often equipped with hydraulic jacks that are designed to move trains in the event of an accident. Another important tool involved in these heavy rescues are hydraulic rescue tools, more commonly known as the Jaws of Life. These rescue tools can make the difference in serious accidents. In these products we use shorter stroke length and exert more hydraulic cylinder power to make these rescues possible.

Swap Body Vehicles

Some fire departments are using a technology called swap body vehicles in their stations. This allows vehicles to be transformed from one type of engine to another, using a specialized hitch and hydraulic system. These vehicles can improve efficiency and cut costs for fire departments, while still allowing them to performing life-saving services.


Whether you’re running a business, or are in the business of saving lives, reliable equipment is important. Our Purpose-Built™ cylinders are designed with your work in mind, and you can count on them to perform in even the most important situations. We’re dedicated to quality because we know just how important functional equipment can be for those who risk their lives every day.