Hydraulic cylinders are a traditional go-to solution for industrial machinery, equipment, and job sites. To keep up with the changing demands of modern operations, hydraulic technology has evolved to include increasingly advanced options, including electronic controls, electro-mechanical power transmissions, and position-sensing capabilities. These innovations, paired with hydraulic cylinders’ ability to deliver reliable performances for heavy-duty jobs in rugged environments, allow hydraulic cylinders to outperform any alternative available on the market.

Hydraulic Cylinders Deliver High-Performance Results

Industrial markets are constantly shifting, growing, and looking for new technology to enhance and streamline operations. Though hydraulic systems are sometimes dismissed as “old” or “out-of-date” options, nothing could be further from the truth. Hydraulic technology is an adaptable and dynamic solution with many options available and can be custom-engineered to meet your work’s uncompromising standards. Built to last while completing heavy-duty applications in harsh environments, hydraulic cylinders remain the best choice for most sectors.

Hydraulic Cylinders vs. Electrical Actuators

There has been a recent rise in the use of electrical actuators as an alternative to hydraulic technology due to their increased motion control capabilities. However, electrical actuators come with several disadvantages compared to more traditional machinery. They cannot be used in hazardous or flammable areas and can overheat if run for too long, leading to equipment shutdowns and costly downtime.

For heavy-duty industrial job sites involving tough environments, extended operational times, and large load capacities, hydraulic technology remains the best option. The best hydraulic cylinder choice will depend on your market. Possible configurations include:

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Looking Ahead at Upcoming Hydraulic Innovations

Hydraulic technology continues to adapt, evolve, and expand with the exciting changes happening throughout every market. We expect to see the following trends in hydraulic cylinder innovation as OEMs, resellers, and other operations look to keep up with the needs of their customers:

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