Hydraulic systems fall into two categories: mobile hydraulics or industrial hydraulics. Both types use pressurization to generate the force required to complete a particular application. However, mobile and industrial hydraulics are each suited to different tasks, feature unique controls, components, and circuits, and operate in distinct ways. Understanding which is best for your machinery and market will maximize your overall efficiency.

Industrial Hydraulics

Industrial hydraulic systems are used in equipment that has a fixed location, such as within manufacturing plants, processing facilities, and similar. They are available in countless configurations to match your goals, application, and market. Industrial hydraulics are not bound by size or design limitations, making them an ideal fit for heavy-duty operations completed in a single location.

Equipment Powered by Industrial Hydraulic Systems

Industrial hydraulic systems are designed to handle long operations over extended timelines. They power a diverse range of equipment:

  • Manufacturing equipment
  • Printing machinery
  • Metal forming and stamping processes
  • Trash compactors in fixed locations
  • And other stationary pieces of industrial machinery.

Challenges & Limitations of Industrial Hydraulic Equipment

Industrial hydraulic systems are built to be stationary, limiting their operations to a single location. Additionally, they are constrained to the space available within your facility. While design options are nearly endless, you will also be restricted by your outfit’s budgetary constraints, as industrial hydraulics tend to be more expensive than their mobile counterparts.

Mobile Hydraulics

Mobile hydraulic machinery generally features wheels or specialized mounts to move from one job site to another. They are suited to many temperatures, environments, and terrains and can be used indoors or outdoors. Mobile hydraulic systems deliver versatile operations and tend to be lighter and more cost-effective than industrial hydraulic options.

Applications for Mobile Hydraulic Machinery

Mobile hydraulics serve a variety of functions across markets and are installed in any hydraulic machinery that must operate in multiple locations:

  • Forklifts
  • Cranes
  • Construction machinery
  • Apple pickers and harvesters
  • Fire engines
  • And much, much more!

Common Issues with Mobile Hydraulic Systems

Mobile hydraulics must meet strict weight and size requirements to meet design standards for portability and transportation. You must also select hydraulic components that stand up to environmental factors, including rain, snow, ice, heat, and others. This exposure can lead to increased maintenance requirements to keep all mobile hydraulic machinery operating at a high level.

Finally, as mobile hydraulics are used in such a wide range of machinery, you must make sure that you design and purchase the correct hydraulic cylinders and component parts for your exact equipment. Working with an experienced manufacturer can help you make the best choice for your fleet.

Purpose-Built™ Cylinders Designed for Mobile or Industrial Hydraulics

Aggressive Hydraulics is your go-to USA manufacturer for Purpose-Built™ mobile and industrial hydraulic cylinders. While we are the face of mobile hydraulics, we also commonly work with industrial equipment and can build a cylinder that matches your exact specifications:

In addition to our custom manufacturing services, Aggressive Hydraulics supports your operations through advanced industry knowledge. We offer practical guides, provide market-specific insights, and discuss relevant topics on our blog. Ready to learn more? Contact us or request a quote today.