Celebrating Amazing Work
Ryan Newman’s 13th Annual Charity Dinner and Auction, benefitting the Rescue Ranch happened on Friday, December 8th, 2017, in Statesville, NC.  As a sponsor of not only Ryan Newman, but the Rescue Ranch, Aggressive Hydraulics proudly attended to show support for this fantastic organization and all they do.

More Than an Animal Sanctuary
Rescue Ranch specializes in programs that educate children about animals.  Rescue Ranch accomplishes its mission with classrooms, outdoor activities, and on hands experiences with numerous animals that reside on-site.

Rescue Ranch Visitors Learn:

  • Compassion for animals
  • Responsible pet ownership
  • Learning where animals come from
  • How animals survive in the wild
  • Importance of being a voice for animals

Alignment of Values
The Aggressive Hydraulics sponsorship of Ryan Newman is an alignment of values.  Giving back to children, through this unique and one of a kind program, merging animals and education makes sense.  The event and auction raised money for the Rescue Ranch Memorial Garden.

Future Plans Include:

  • Nature hiking
  • Walking education trails
  • Rescue foster adoption program
  • 24-hour emergency vet clinic with extern program
  • Therapeutic riding program

Learn More, Get Involved
If you’d like to donate to the Rescue Ranch, or learn more about their programs, check out their web site. Click here!