Background Built on Oval Tracks
At just 16 years old, Tony Grams began racing stock cars on oval dirt tracks. Before that, he and his brother helped his dad, who raced, sparking his interest in the sport. It wasn’t until the late 90’s that Tony got a chance to run a sprint car.  With tons of help along the way, Tony got his first sprint car win at North Central Speedway. It’s particularly memorable because he was up against some accomplished and seasoned drives like Indy Car driver Roger Rager.

aggressive hydraulics rally car

Success Through Dedication
Being successful is something Tony earned through a lot of dedication, hard work, and tons of help along the way. His secret formula to making it all work is to surround yourself with good people, equipment, and resources

Remaining Competitive
Advances in technology have made components lighter, stronger, and longer-lasting. All this, however, requires more money to remain competitive. That’s where sponsors come in. Tony brings a unique philosophy to his sponsorship. He’s not just looking for someone with finances or product, but someone interested in racing.

 “We sponsor race car drivers, and the race cars are just part of the total packageA racer’s personality and demeanor are important.  After all, they’re a spokesperson for us. It’s important to be competitive, as well as being a person of character.”
~ Paul Johnson – President / CEO, Aggressive Hydraulics

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