It’s not often hydraulic cylinders and bicycles cross paths, but that’s exactly what happened when Aggressive Hydraulics® became a sponsor, of the newly formed Synergy BMX Racing Team.

2016 was Synergy BMX Racing Team’s first year. Hosting riders from 3 to 46 years old, the team practices and gets instruction towards competing not just locally, but all around the United States. One of the key principals of Synergy BMX Racing Team is to give riders structure, and a good atmosphere to grow in. Organizer Dan Collison says, “What we teach them on the track, they use off the track, good sportsmanship, supporting each other, manners, being fair, and confidence are all learned through this program”. The team atmosphere helps the riders grow, and learn they can accomplish something they felt they couldn’t, in a positive family oriented environment.

Synergy BMX Racing

BMX racing is a type of off-road bicycle racing derived from motocross racing. BMX bicycle races are sprint races on Purpose-Built™ off-road single-lap tracks. From the starting gate, the groomed dirt track winds around to the finish, with various jumps, rollers and banked corners, to allow riders to maintain speed. The sport is facilitated by regional and international sanctioning bodies that provide rules, specify age groups, and skill level classifications among racers. The sport is very family oriented and largely participant-driven. Professional ranks exist for both men and women.

Synergy BMX Racing

How did that first year for Synergy BMX Racing Team turn out? It was a huge success! Synergy BMX Racing Team is tied for first in Minnesota, and has made the podium at national level events. Their youngest peddler, is ranked number 2 in the nation. This past Thanksgiving, Synergy BMX Racing Team went to Oklahoma to complete in the Grand Nationals. With over 4000 competitors from all over the world racing, three riders from Synergy BMX Racing Team, reached the podium in the Race of Champions. Many of these riders will have an opportunity to move up to other teams and even have a shot at professional racing because of their experience and training with Synergy BMX Racing Team.


Aggressive Hydraulics® is proud to sponsor Synergy BMX Racing Team. The partnership is more than a sponsorship though, it’s supporting the development and growth of our future generations, and keeping our communities active. If you are struggling with accomplishing something you don’t think is possible with your Purpose-Built™ hydraulic cylinder needs, contact one of our Hydraulic Cylinder Specialists® at (866) 406-4100 and we’ll put the Aggressive Hydraulics team to work for your organization.