You may have learned the hard way that using the wrong hydraulic cylinder bore rod and stroke can be very expensive. Companies often find themselves in hot water when cutting corners and cost by selecting an off-the-shelf cylinder that looked the part, but simply could not meet the demands of the job. Using a cylinder that has not been designed and manufactured for the industry, application, and workload increases liability and risk to personnel, property, and also makes for a dangerous work environment.

Cylinders generate a tremendous amount of force. The more force an application requires, bore diameter must increase respectively.  In some instances, the size of the cylinder has more to do with the strength and column’s load capability than just calculating the force it can generate.  Cylinder rod travel lengths can vary from a fraction of an inch up to a number of feet.  Significant cylinder failures can occur when a rod is fully extended and supporting the maximum weight load if the cylinder is undersized. Therefore, a larger bore and rod design may be necessary to accommodate the load being placed on the cylinder for the application.

When you talk bore, rod, and stroke with Aggressive Hydraulics, our top priority is ensuring that industry requirements and safety standards are met, while also achieving your business goals for performance.


Our customers often come to us with a specific opportunity but without knowing specific requirements or industry standards. That’s where our experts step in and evaluate applicable specifications that are required for the application such as buckling loads, safety factors, and safety interlocks. Rest assured that Aggressive has the experience, skill, and knowledge to build the best hydraulic cylinder solution for your business.

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