National fluid power association stampAre you a member of the National Fluid Power Association, also known as the NFPA? If not, are you familiar with their mission and what they offer?

The NFPA strives to strengthen the fluid power industry by providing members a wide range of tools and services to help them be the best in their industry. NFPA members include suppliers, manufacturers, and distributors of fluid power components across the United States, including Aggressive Hydraulics.

As the leading source of fluid power market information, NFPA members enjoy access to top notch programs, educational events, and tools. In addition, members can access a wide variety of technology webinars, videos, and training including fluid power certification through the International Fluid Power Society. As a member, we take advantage of these tools to help further employee education and accreditation.

The NFPA also has an extensive library of hydraulic cylinder standards data available on their website. In fact, there are over 125 standards available to purchase directly. They also provide insightful economic outlooks based on surveys from a wide variety of members. As a hydraulic cylinder supplier we heavily rely on these outlooks as a gauge of economic activity.

The NFPA offers members multiple ways to get involved which can benefit you and your company. Being an active participant in NFPA keeps you up to date on the latest industry news, innovations, and improvements regarding fluid power. It also offers ways to network and meet other businesses active in the industry.

Opportunities to get involved with NFPA include:

  • Association committees and boards that help lead projects for the organization.
  • The Future Leaders Network developed by NFPA is open to member companies of specific age and career growth requirements. In person group meetings occur at both the NFPA Annual Conference and the Industry & Economic Outlook Conference.
  • Fluid Power Challenge Events match members with eighth grade students and teachers in their community. The events are geared towards generating student interest in the fluid power industry through a variety of activities.

The NFPA offers a variety of membership levels to meet the exact needs of your organization. Joining the NFPA is a great way to propel your hydraulic cylinder business by belonging to a great organization focusing on knowledge sharing and process improvements.


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