Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

Captivating Audiences
Cirque du Soleil has earned a reputation worldwide for captivating audiences with creative live productions, combining acrobatics, athleticism, and live music.

One of their most popular shows is a water-themed production called “O”.  The show has a unique stage with four sections that move independently. In under a minute, the stage can be switched from a dry stage to a pool to incorporate synchronized swimming, diving from heights of up to 60 feet.

The Challenge
Engineer better hydraulic cylinder solutions that provided smooth operation and decreased maintenance costs.

Aspects that couldn’t change:

  • Stroke
  • Retracted Length
  • Mounting
  • Speed


Custom Hydraulic Cylinder

Partnering For Solutions
Aggressive Hydraulics partners with SunSource, a leader in industrial and mobile fluid power. Both cohesively engineered, designed, and built the first set of replacement cylinders. The first of the four stages were installed in December 2016.

The Results
The result of this collaborative effort was replacement hydraulic cylinders that “drop-in” and meet the improvement goals. Operation is smooth during both the raise and lower cycles. The time-consuming tasks that the old cylinders required were no longer required. The weight of each new hydraulic cylinder is about half the weight of the original, making handling and installation much more manageable.