World-Class Driver
As far as professional drivers go, Carter Chevalier is a world-class name to keep an eye on.  At just fifteen years old, he races around the track at speeds up to 75MPH.  His success, humbleness, and professionalism got the attention of Aggressive Hydraulics.

Winged Outlaw Karts
Chevalier is currently racing the 125cc and 500cc class of Winged Outlaw Karts, which are small scale versions of Sprint cars.  Top-level Sprint car racing can see over 900 horsepower and speeds as high as 160mph.  Outlaw Karts and Sprint cars have produced some of the top Indy Car Series and NASCAR drivers.

Carter Chevalier

Recipe For Success
Racing runs deep in the Chevalier family.  Carter’s grandfather and father helped him get into racing at eight years old.  Long hours have been spent at the track learning the basics of driving, racing, maintenance, and how to run a successful team.  The hard work has been a recipe for success, leading to some big wins, including the Indy Outlaws race at Mid-American Speedway in Indianapolis.

Life Outside of Racing
When he’s not racing, he’s hitting the books, where he needs to maintain a “B” average to keep racing. Carter Chevalier embodies the character and culture of Aggressive Hydraulics.

“I wouldn’t be able to do it without my sponsors.” ”

~ Carter Chevalier – Chevalier Racing

Aggressive Hydraulics is proud to sponsor Carter, and Chevalier Racing, as he makes his mark in sprint car racing, and starts what looks to be a very successful career.