Precision and control are everything in the world of heavy industrial equipment. A single jolt or slip is sometimes all it takes to send whatever you’re moving—or, even worse, one of your field workers—crashing to the ground. Using caution during equipment operation is an obvious first step in preventing catastrophic damage or injury. But the type of cylinders used in your equipment is also important.

Hydraulic cylinders come in various styles and, because of their simple design, can sometimes operate erratically. However, cylinders with an integrated valve have features that drastically improve your control over equipment movement, and overall safety.

Better Load Control and Accurate and Consistent Operation

With hydraulic systems, a broken hose can cause a lift or other heavy equipment to lose control suddenly.   There are also circumstances where the force of a load being lifted or moved can pull the cylinder open, causing you to lose control.

Hydraulic valve manifold systems eliminate these mechanical issues by controlling the fluids coming in and out of a cylinder. If a hose breaks, the valve manifold cuts off the fluid supply to keep the cylinder in its current position and prevent an arm or lift from flying out of control. Hydraulic manifold systems also control fluids under force to improve control and positioning when moving or lifting heavy loads.

Easy Installation and Clean, Accessible Design

Valve manifolds are accessible, easy to install, and can be plumbed externally or right into the cylinder. External plumbing involves using more hoses and fluid connections but offers the convenience of easy accessibility.

Internal plumbing eliminates the need for mounting brackets and hardware, creating a cleaner, more aesthetically pleasing look that some equipment manufacturers prefer. Internal plumbing also means fewer hose connections, reducing leak points and hydraulic fluid contamination issues in your system.

Regardless of the mounting style you choose, you can’t go wrong with using a hydraulic manifold system in your equipment. A custom manufacturer can help you design a hydraulic cylinder check valve that integrates perfectly with your hydraulic system to give you the best performance.

Improve Safety, Performance, and Aesthetics with Integrated Valve Hydraulic Cylinders

Aggressive Hydraulics designs and manufactures custom integrated valve hydraulic cylinders to your specifications. Options include single and dual counterbalance valves and complex integrated valve circuits for your hydraulic system.


Our Purpose-Built™ cylinders are designed and built in our USA facility and engineered to deliver high performance. Whether you are an integrator, OEM, or reseller, we have the expertise and resources to meet your needs. Contact us to discuss your hydraulic manifold system requirements.