Industry Spotlight: Forestry and Logging

forestry industry hydraulic cylinders

forestry logging hydraulic cylinders

The forestry trade is a precise one. Forestry and logging machinery sometimes faces rough terrain, extreme environments, and drastic temperatures. That’s why it’s crucial for forestry equipment to have reliable hydraulic cylinders to ensure safety, timeliness, and precise results.

During harvesting of timber in the forestry and logging industry, a tree trunk is gripped, the base (trunk) is sawed, and the log is pivoted to a horizontal position in one swift action, before proceeding through what’s called a harvesting head. These may seem like one simple action, but when dealing with trees than can exceed 20,000 pounds, it can be tricky to do accomplish this daunting task safely. Hydraulic cylinders are the best type of power transmission to deliver this heavy-duty performance repetitively in differing environments.

Other forestry and logging equipment uses hydraulic cylinders as well. M

ulchers, use hydraulic cylinders to adjusta cutting blade, or group of blades, that can clear brush and debris from an area. With the aid of hydraulic cylinders, remaining tree stumps and roots can be unearthed, and ground into a mulch, to allow for proper vegetation to be regrown. Mulchers are often attached to excavators, skid steer, track loaders, and tractors.

hydraulic cylinder forestry logging

Feller bunchers are a type of forestry machine that utilizes hydraulic cylinders to gather trees upright while they are being cut. The feller buncher is motorized vehicle that can rapidly “bunches” several trees together, before cutting and “felling” them. The trees are then placed together in a single stack that can be carried with a skidder or a forwarder, to the yard for further processing.


These are only a few of the special equipment used in the forestry and logging industry. There’s still lifts, trucks, tractors, and other stationary cutting equipment that use hydraulic cylinders to make precise cuts in trees too large to maneuver and cut by hand. This allows for the industry to be more sustainable, reduce waste, and increase safety.

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