Many of our most valuable resources are buried deep in the earth. It takes a lot of power to extract these minerals and fuels so that we can use them for our day-to-day lives. Hydraulics make this extraction possible in a safe and efficient manner.

In North America, 85% of our mining is surface mining. Surface mining is a mining process where the overlying mineral layer (called the overburden) is removed, and then the mineral is removed using tunnels or shafts. This is different from underground mining, where the overburden is left in place. Forms of surface mining that are prevalent in the United States are strip mining, mountaintop-removal mining, and open-pit mining.

Surface mining is a two-part process, and both processes involve the power of hydraulics. Powerful earthmovers remove the overburden, allowing access to the minerals. Then gigantic excavators extract the minerals from the earth. Even transporting the materials from the mining site to the processing plant requires hydraulics, as articulating dump trucks are used to collect and transport.

Large scale operations like mining require equipment that is reliable and safe. These hydraulic cylinders are doing very powerful work, and they need to be able to hold up to the pressure put on them. Our Custom Hydraulic Cylinders are built specifically for your industry, so you can count on them to perform. Our cylinders for mining equipment are built specifically for the heavy work of mining, so you can count on them to withstand the pressure day in and day out.


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