We see hydraulics used on land in all kinds of places: construction sites, railway, and heavy equipment, to name a few. But hydraulics are also making all kinds of amazing things possible at sea, too.

Hydraulic power is perfect for marine situations because, unlike electric power, the moisture is not an issue. Because hydraulics multiply force, they are also a great choice for the very heavy power much marine work requires. Let’s take a look at three ways hydraulics are at work in and under the water.

Underwater Drilling
Hydraulics provide both the power and precision that makes offshore, underwater drilling possible. Drilling underwater requires a huge amount of force, and hydraulics efficiently provide this power and allow offshore rigs to do a large amount of deep drilling in a short amount of time. But since hydraulic power is a controlled power, you can also count on this large and powerful equipment to hit just the right spot, minimizing error and environmental impact.

Offshore Pipeline Installation
Hydraulics also make it possible to lay pipeline underwater. Again, both strength and precision are key. Many hydraulic cylinders work together to make it possible for pipeline weighing several thousand metric tons to be laid underwater in a safe and controlled manner. Without the power of hydraulics, none of this would be possible.

On-site Fish Processing
Another innovation that uses hydraulic power is happening on fishing boats. There are now fishing boats that can process fish into fillets right on the boat, as soon as it’s caught. Hydraulics power the conveyor that moves the fish through the processing line. This not only preserves the freshness of the fish, it allows fishermen and producers operate more efficiently. In essence, it’s a fish factory, right on the water!


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