In the world of racing, there’s nothing quit as exciting as Sprint cars. In the world of Sprint cars, one driver stands out race after race, and that driver is Craig Dollansky. With fans the world over, a supportive family, and a successful career in a purpose built speed machine, Craig has been the perfect fit for a partnership with Aggressive Hydraulics.

Sprint cars are known for their short race format (sprints), on oval dirt tracks, in unique and powerful 1100 pound race cars carrying 900 horsepower at speeds up to 160mph. Sprint cars put out so much power, that special roll cages have been built inside to protect the driver in the event of an accident. For the same reason, large wings have been added to the top of the cars to provide enough downforce for traction to hold the cars on the track. This both improves performance and protects the driver during the races. In the world of “give it all you’ve got” on the dirt track, Sprint cars are intense to drive and incredibly fun to watch.

Craig Dollansky began his career as a second generation driver when he was just ten years old, helping his dad at the track until he was old enough to race himself. Now, years later, Craig and his team of four travel the world, racing these intense, fast cars on dirt tracks, racking up win after win. His travels have taken him to events as far away as Australia and New Zealand. He’s dabbled with Indy Cars, but found himself coming back to Sprint cars, and just can’t imagine doing any other kind of racing.

Life on and off the track can be hard, and Craig’s got a great support system. His wife, Julie, and children; Lucas, Garrett, and Peyton are always involved. While his family are no doubt his biggest fans, Craig’s been fortunate to have a large fan base all over the world. “They’re a lot of wonderful people, they can make you feel better about a bad night, and great about a good night!”, Craig said. Craig’s a driver who cares about his fans and never takes that support for granted, even in the off time, when he’s snowmobiling, fishing, or just enjoying a good campfire.

With the high costs associate with Sprint car racing, it’s no wonder sponsors are a required part of the experience to help cover costs and provide exciting racing action for the fans. It’s no wonder, Aggressive Hydraulics partnered with Craig Dollansky for sponsorship. The partnership goes hand in hand and both find value in the success of each other. It’s a perfect partnership in an exciting sport, and we look forward to watching Craig through the rest of his season, and career!